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Bailee Coverage – The BEST Coverage for Dry Cleaners

Insurers that specialize in drycleaners (like NIE) usually offer “unlimited bailee”. Without “unlimited bailee”, cleaners must guess the total value of all the customer property in their care and pay the difference when their guess turns out to be too low!

The Best Approach to Insuring Customer Garments

Watch this video on Unlimited Bailee Coverage. The best approach to ensuring customer garments is to purchase Bailee Coverage. Bailee Coverage covers customer property while it’s in your care, custody, and control. Learn more about Bailee Coverage.

Weather Disaster Insurance

If you want to feel a bit more secure about your store as it pertains to dealing with a potential disaster, take a look at your policies and check these items: policy limits, deductibles (including any special deductibles for wind or hail) & exclusions.

Understanding Windstorm Deductibles

In the aftermath of heavy hurricane activity in 2017, insurance capacity for coastal windstorm property has become increasingly scarce and expensive. Most insurance companies use windstorm deductibles to…

Preventing Costly Insurance Mistakes

Whether you’ve been in business your whole life or are just starting out, there are some important steps to consider when it comes to protecting yourself and your business.

Most Common Losses for Fabricare Businesses

As a fabricare business owner you are unique. You not only have your own business, property, real estate and earnings to think about. You also have property that belongs to your customers. And you have a responsibility to return that property in good condition…

Loss of Business Income

There are so many misconceptions about what happens after a loss with regard to Loss of Business Income. Learn more about the process and how policyholders can make it complicated.

Understanding Flood Insurance

Don’t make a costly mistake with your business! Get informed about the 5 incorrect assumptions about flood insurance and save your business from potential flooding.

Business Interruption: Utilities

Most people know that loss of business income insurance is important, but they don’t realize that most standard business interruption insurance does not cover utility service interruption. Learn more about how utilities can interrupt your business and what you can do about it.