unlimited bailee coverage

Bailee Coverage Covers Customer Property

Bailee covers customer property while it’s in your care, custody, and control. That includes while it’s in your locked vehicle, even when your vehicle is away from your store. Bailee covers customer property for all the perils that your property has coverage, plus bailee covers customer property for damage from floods and earthquakes. Bailee coverage can include options for replacement cost values, damage in process coverage and mysterious disappearance coverage.

Unlimited Bailee Coverage

Insurers that specialize in drycleaners (like NIE) usually offer “unlimited bailee”. Without “unlimited bailee”, cleaners must guess the total value of all the customer property in their care and pay the difference when their guess turns out to be too low!

Some insurance agents don’t fully understand the significant differences in the above approaches. That’s why NIE works with full-time fabricare insurance specialists. Every NIE policy utilizes the “best” approach: Unlimited Bailee Coverage.

More Information

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