NIE has provided Fabricare Insurance since 1915!

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NIE is endorsed by Endorsed by Drycleaning & Laundry Institute International

Insuring Dry Cleaners and Coin Laundries Since 1915!

NIE insures thousands of dry cleaners and coin laundries in 33 states. NIE’s full legal name is National Fire and Indemnity Exchange.

NIE was founded in 1915 as the National Association of Dyers & Cleaners Inter-Insurance Exchange. As a reciprocal exchange, it has no stockholders. NIE’s profit distributions are to its policyholders, who are also known as subscribers. NIE only issues non-assessable policies.

We are all in shock at the massive devastation that recent hurricanes have caused in Southern Texas, the Caribbean Islands, Florida, and beyond. Dozens of innocent lives have been lost. Many thousands of hurricane victims may never fully recover.

Massive amounts of assistance are coming from numerous sources, but the magnitude of the destruction is overwhelming assistance programs. We encourage everyone to give what they can to one of the assistance programs below :
We also encourage everyone to protect themselves against future hurricanes by buying flood insurance, windstorm coverage, and utility services interruption coverage. For more information about these coverages, click one of the links below, or call us at 1 800 325-9522
Flood Insurance
Windstorm Coverage
Utility Service Interruption*
* This endorsement provides coverage if the utility is out due to fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, riot, vandalism, or weight of snow, ice or sleet. It does not provide coverage if a utility is out due to flood.
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